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www.tellportillos.smg.com – Portillos Survey – Tellportillos survey is a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Portillos. The survey allows you to share your experience in the Portillos. Portillos is best known for its hot dogs and sausages, so if you are a big fan of these delicious dishes and are there, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the Portillos survey on www.portillos.com/survey.

Portillos Survey

In this article, I have explained all the necessary information regarding the Survey so you wouldn’t find any difficulty completing the survey and after that, you can get a chance to receive a gift from Portillo’s Survey sweepstakes entry.

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start with the

Steps to participate in the survey


  1. Start the Portillos Survey by visiting the site-tellportillos.smg.com.
  2. Enter the receipt code from your receipt.
  3. Snap-on the ‘NEXT’ button.
  4. Now, you can see the survey page with short survey questions.
  5. You will furthermore be seen some information about the quality of food, benefit and the behavior of the staff.
  6. Try to answer all questions decently.
  7. When you have attended all questions, click “Submit”.
  8. Now, you will get a Portillos Coupon code toward the finish of the procedure.
  9. Note down the coupon code.
  10. You’ll require this code to reclaim your next visit to Portillos.

Rewards for completing the Survey

The company is providing you with a Portillos Coupon as a reward to get a free Portillo sandwich. This reward is a show of appreciation for participating in the survey.

Rules and Regulations of the survey

  • Participants should be legal occupants of the United States of America.
  • Participants must be aged over 18 years.
  • Portillos customers can take up to 2 surveys in a month per receipt.
  • Participants should redeem the coupon codes within 30 days after taking the survey.
  • Participants have not ever worked for the Portillos outlet.
  • The recent employees, partner companies, and their immediate family members are not granted to take the survey.
  • Your purchase receipt is valid for 3 days for taking the survey.
  • Portillos has a right to suspend the participant’s coupon with no explanation.
  • Participants need to have a valid email address.
  • A valid receipt of any Portillos restaurant.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish language.

Aim of the survey

The motivation behind the Portillo’s Survey is to gather as fair and authentic feedback as conceivable from the clients of Portillo’s.

By utilizing your input through the Tell Portillo’s Survey, the company begins to further develop the customer’s experience, Portillo’s menu, the assistance, the offices, and the exhibition of the agents of Portillo’s outlet. A survey is an important part of a company’s growth. So, do participate in the survey and help them with your valuable information and opinions regarding their services.

Background of the company

Portillo was established in 1963 by Dick Portillo. After resigning from the Marine Corps, Portillo fund-raised from his reserve funds and raised speculation from his sibling Frank to open a stall selling sausage.

The client understood that the steak was tasty and Portillo started to rake in some serious cash. The company finally managed to move into a larger and better building, which already had running water and bathtubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portillo’s guest satisfaction survey?

Portillo’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Get an opportunity to get free fries! The Portillo’s have arranged an online survey where customers have to answer a few basic questions about the service, staff, the quality of food and cleanliness, etc., at Portillo’s.

What are the benefits of Portillo’s survey?

The Portillos survey is not just beneficial to the company by keeping track of their customer’s level of satisfaction with their food. However, it also helps consumers share their opinions, whether positive or negative.

How long does it take to fill out a Portillo survey?

The survey at portillos.com/survey must be completed within one week of receiving the receipt of purchase. Once you have received a confirmation code from the site, this needs to be utilized in the next 30 days for the discount associated with survey participants. The code generated with the receipt should be saved and then displayed at Portillo’s restaurant within a month.

Final wording

I hope you all understood the article properly. Thank you for your valuable time and best of luck. They appreciate you have participated in their customer satisfaction survey.

My article has given the rules and guidance for taking part in Tell Portillo’s Feedback Survey successfully.

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